Online Fitness and Nutritional Coaching


What is online coaching? First, let me set the scene because I’ve seen it happen SO many times before… You decide to make a lifestyle change. You get your new workout clothes and training shoes. You go to your local gym, do the little tour, and sign up. You go back the very next day ready to go… You walk past the floor filled with equipment and over to a treadmill. Walk there for a little wondering what to do next. You get off the treadmill and wander over to a machine that looks vaguely familiar and give it a try. Maybe you try another machine that doesn’t look too busy. That’s enough for today right? You go home.

This scenario plays out over the next few weeks or month. You see very little results because it’s overwhelming! There’s SO much equipment and you don’t know where to begin or even how to use half of it. And how do you know you’re even working the correct muscle groups? In the correct combination?? AND in an order that maximizes results??? You don’t. Gym membership wasted and money down the drain. Enter solution: Online personal training with customized workouts designed to fit your fitness level and goals for about the cost of the average gym membership. Know exactly what to do with minimal equipment needed.

The Bikini Bootcamps online are the same no-judgement, butt-kicking workouts, but now they’re at your fingertips with the Fitocracy app. Fit- what?!! Fitocracy. It’s like gaming, meets Facebook, meets personal training. It connects you to people around the world who are trying to live healthier lifestyles (just like you). You can use the site for free and hang out a while to see if it’s your thing, or jump right in and join a team. Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year~ xoxo CoachMiwa

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