Whole30: Getting Ready!

Yes, I decided to do a Whole30! I actually posted to my workout girls and asked them who wanted to join… thinking, no one is going to do this. But, I was wrong!! I had one person that was adamant about getting started right away so I couldn’t back out! LOL Here’s some of my Sunday food prep.

I did a BIG shop at Trader Joe’s to get started. (Yes, I brought my Whole30 grocery list for ideas- definitely came in handy!)

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I used their precut brussels sprouts and squash and added baked eggs to store for the week. Everything in the over at 350 degrees. The eggs came out at 15 minutes to cool and the veggies at about 35 minutes. 

Whole30 prep

Ready to grab and eat!

Whole30 Food Prep 2

Ready for tomorrow… I hope! =D

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