Whole30: Week 2- Six Discoveries

SO, it does get easier in week two in some ways and harder in others… Some of my discoveries for the week:

1. A fried egg (or two) can make ANYTHING taste good. I mean green beans, spinach, kale, plain beef patty- you name it- fried egg.


2. I’m eating waaaay too much fruit and nuts. It’s my favorite thing and it’s Whole30 approved, but I have to limit it… I’m very sensitive to sugar in my diet and the natural kind is no exception. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in eating fruit and healthy fat, but eating it because I want energy and not to satisfy hunger isn’t ideal. Plus, once I started with the dates and almond butter it was O-VER.


3. Ground beef with lots of garlic and onion works REALLY well. I have only in the last few years become a red meat eater and since becoming allergic to chicken rely on it quite a bit. This combo over fresh or grilled veggies is SO good and really make eating a bowl full of spinach with no dressing amazingly palatable!


4. You can still overeat healthy food. Okay I knew this one. Just because it’s healthy food, doesn’t mean you have to join the clean plate club or ignore your hunger cues. I ‘ve been rushing to eat meals so I’d like to be more mindful of when I’m full and just slow down.

5. I always say that preparation is key for healthy living, but with the Whole30 it’s mandatory. Being hangry is no joke and when you add the fact that you’re likely going to have to cook or take a little time preparing something, it can get UGLY. You just simply have to be willing to plan in advance for meals. Period.

6. Convenience foods don’t work for me. I LOVE bars. I can happily eat a bar for any meal, or unfortunately, all of them. I tried the RxBar in coffee flavor and am obsessed, but they just become candy bars to me and soon I’m eating 3 a day. No good. Calorie dense and super convenient is not a winning combination.


Goals for next week: 

1. No dried fruit.

2. Keep the Sunday shop and food prep going.

3. Eat more fish and seafood versus red meat.

4. Stop eating three hours before bedtime.

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