Whole30~ 7 Tips for Making it HAPPEN!

SO, you went on to the website, read about it, thought about it, thought about it again… now here’s how to take it and run. I’ve just completed week 3 and here are my tips for getting through it without making your life miserable!

1. Print off the Whole30 docs. Yes, it seems easy enough; eat veggies, meat, fruit, blah blah, but you want the grocery list. Print it and take it with you shopping. They also offer a bunch of other guides for specific needs ex: vegetarian/vegan shopping list, good meat guide, etc.

2. Buy pre-chopped, pre-cooked, and frozen. There are some of you domestic gods and goddesses that are magic in the kitchen (aka: people unlike myself), but for the rest of us mere mortals, paying the extra couple dollars on your grocery bill for these shortcuts is WELL worth it. I also keep lots of individually portioned meat, organic fruit and veggies in the freezer to have for days when you need to fill in the blanks. I LOVE Costco for the freezer food. Some of my favorite Trader Joe’s finds: pre-chopped veggies, pre-cooked grass-fed beef sirloin, pre-cooked pork carnitas, and peeled garlic in these awesome single portioned packs!

3. Drink up. You might be amazed by the amount of BLOAT you experience in the first week and a half. The added fiber from all the veggies and the increase in protein (for many people) leads to this perfect storm of bloat. Drink extra water or unsweet tea with fresh squeezed lemon to help flush out your system and move things along.

4. View your Sunday shop and prep as mandatory. If you want to successfully complete your Whole30, pick a day to shop and prepare some food and make it part of your week. As the saying goes; failing to prepare is preparing to fail. It’s a must.

5. A.C.E. Always. Cook. Extra. For my Sunday prep, I like to throw the veggies, a dozen eggs, and whatever meat we’re having for dinner all in at one time. Just remember how much you have in there or you’ll end up forgetting the brussel sprouts for a few days until the whole house smells REALLY bad… oh yes I did.

6. Get a few kitchen supplies. I recommend getting some glass tupperware if you don’t have it already. I like glasslock containers because you can microwave in them as well. They have them at Costco right now too. If you haven’t checked out the Spiralizer or another way to make veggie pasta, I’d get one. You’re gonna miss pasta- at least I did- and for $15 you can spiral zucchini till your heart’s content. They have them at Bed Bath and Beyond and, of course, Amazon. Get a legit lunchbox if you work away from home and snack sized baggies (reusable if possible) or small plastic containers to help bring what you need for the day. I do love a reason to shop even if this isn’t the most exciting stuff.

Spiralizer- officially a fan!! Whole 30- getting ready 😜 #bikinibootcampjax

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7. Let your friends and family know your plans. Granted, they may not want to hear it, but if you are planning to dine with people during your Whole30 (let’s hope you are lol) it will help to let them know how you’re eating. Most people DON’T want to sabotage your efforts so let them know what you’re up to and rally their support! You never know… someone might even join you!

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