Whole30~ Week 3: Just when I thought I was OVER it…

Whole30 on?

I’m not gonna lie, week 3 was TOUGH. I started feeling tired again this week which was a bit discouraging since I’d already gone through that in the first week. I realized though that my food prep was not nearly as good this week. I’ve been eating a ton of fruit and nuts and not enough protein… Pretty much the opposite of last week’s goals. This does not work well for me (and my blood sugar). When I get on the blood sugar roller coaster I inevitably reach for more coffee, albeit black, and more carbs.

There are some things that I’m realizing this week as well.

1. This is a bit extreme. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I’m doing this. I’m enjoying the fact that I’m preparing healthy whole food meals and feeling trimmer. I will say though, that there is something to making peace with food and creating some balance with it. I do think this is an eye opening experience, but ultimately NOT something to sustain long term, for me.

2. In my head I eat like this all the time. Reality, however, begs to differ. I DO eat a mostly whole foods diet including whole grains and some dairy normally, but the Whole30 has shown me that I’ve been straying a bit further off track than usually lately.

3. The Whole30 is still a DIET. Yeah, no one likes to use the “D” word, but here it is folks. This is a diet. This is not a sustainable way to eat throughout your life. If you’re paleo happy and never eat pizza again, I take it back, maybe this IS for you. For me, however, I’m going to eat pizza again, and I’m gonna LOVE it. I warn everyone in the middle of their Whole30 against lusting after every cheat food you see and putting it on your wish list of crap you’re planning to go face first into after you’re done with this awful plan… that will be cause for some MAJOR rebound! My goal is to use this as a template to build on. Hence, discovery number 4.

4. This IS a plan to build on. Part of me is SOOO over this, but the other part is really glad to be laying the foundation to eat a truly whole foods diet from square one. The things I am REALLY missing at this point are some whole grains and vegetarian meals (legumes included). Those will be the foods I add back first to see how I feel. I don’t eat much dairy and have generally been opposed to including a lot of it in my food plan. I am definitely looking forward to that pizza though… TBC.

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