Whole30: Week 4~ And then the Magic Happened!

Day 30 is today and I am happy with the results. I feel tighter and more toned and can see a glimmer of abs, which hasn’t happened since before baby number one so I’m good with this. The “magic” in week 4 was worth sticking it out…

1. I’m not craving junk. Yup, a miracle. Don’t get me wrong, pizza makes me drool and I would LOVE a Smashburger, bun included. I’m not actually, physically, craving it though. In my head, YES I want it, but I want a fresh caprese salad from V Pizza even more. Is this even possible?!!!

2. Coffee, coconut milk, and stevia. For those that know me even a little, you’ve probably noticed I am coffee OBSESSED. The thought of coffee without cream and raw sugar was the worst part of the Whole30 for me. I know that seems ridiculous, but the struggle is real friend. I can hardly get the words out, but the truth is I can live without the cream and sugar. Coconut milk (canned, unsweetened) and stevia drops work for me. This is some serious MAGIC.

3. Eat to live vs. live to eat?!! Super weird territory for me because I am a LIVE TO EAT person, but without the cravings, food isn’t SO dramatic for me. I’m still enjoying my food, but I am more content eating fresh whole food than lusting after a blizzard. Yes, this is a strange development…

The plan going forward? I feel good so more of the same! I will be adding some whole grains like ezekiel bread and brown rice on occasion as well as dairy on occasion, but otherwise, I plan to continue eating this way! Let’s see how it goes =)

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