Eat Clean Party Tips

It’s tough to make the decision to eat clean every time you sit down to a meal. This becomes exceptionally more difficult when warm weather celebrations are under way! Here are my tips on enjoying your summer gatherings without sabotaging your clean eating efforts:

  • Eat a snack before you go to your event. I like to have a piece of fruit or some veggies (especially if I think there won’t be any vegetables where I’m going). Grabbing an orange, apple, salad, or steamed veggies will start you off with something nutritious and keep you from showing up on an empty stomach.
  • Drink a big glass of water before you start drinking. Staying hydrated and filling some space in your stomach can keep you from eating out of thirst. Also, alternate between water and alcohol beverages if you do choose to drink.
  • Check out what’s being served before you fill your plate. Don’t just take some of everything. Pick the items you really want to eat and if there are some things you are having that are not on your plan, try to stick to a single portion.
  • Sit down to eat! This will slow you down and help you to know when you are full. Sometimes at an event, seating is limited so if you do have to stand, just move yourself away from where the food is being served to avoid mindless munching.
  • Portions can be difficult to assess when you’re eating at a party so try and give yourself some parameters. For example: filling a small plate twice or a large plate once.
  • Remember, eating clean is a lifestyle, so don’t worry if you’re not perfect! Plan for the splurges by eating clean until your event and after, but otherwise- ENJOY!!

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