Life after Whole30?

I completed my whole30 a few weeks ago and some of you have been asking what’s next?!! Well, I LOVE how I feel eating on a whole foods plan and doing the Whole30 was just the kick in the butt I needed to clean up my act. No more picking at the kid’s mac-n-cheese or making pizza night a next day pizza lunch, okay… and dinner, again.

My plan is to continue to eat whole foods including some minimally processed grains like brown rice, and occasional dairy. The great thing about doing this whole30 is that I’ve cut some things out, like popcorn and chips (yeah trainers eat chips too), and realized that I DO feel better without them. It’s also relieved me of my physical cravings for the junk.

I have some serious confirmation that some foods just don’t work for me: SUGAR (definitely not- pretty much without exception), refined grains, and alcohol (although I WILL have a margarita and love it on occasion). Dairy seems to be fine for me although I just feel good limiting that to a bit of cheese, high quality protein powder, and Greek yogurt.

Trader Joe's Super Spinach Salad

The key to staying the whole foods course is absolutely, being prepared. Grocery shopping, washing and cutting fruit and veggies to make them easily accessible, cooking what you can in advance, getting a recipe collection you can live with, and finding pre-made items to fill in the blanks. THIS is what makes it happen and it is 100% worth doing a little work ahead of time to make it happen!

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