About Your Coach


I am a certified personal trainer, ISSA and AFAA, and 200 hour certified yoga instructor with a Bachelor of Science in psychology. I specialize in training women and have helped MANY of my amazing girls achieve their health and fitness goals. I am here to help and believe in a NO-judgement approach to fitness.

My in-person Bikini Bootcamp was named one of the areas’ “Hottest Fitness Trends” by Jacksonville Magazine and was a nominee on their “Fabulist”, which is written for women, by women. If you’re looking for tips, health hacks, and motivation to get off the couch and into your skinny jeans, this is it!

Whether online or in-person, my crew and I are all about supporting each others’ efforts towards a healthier lifestyle. We also get that sometimes life happens; no-one is perfect, and if you fall on the wagon we’ll help you back up! Bikini Bootcamp girls love to work hard, but here in Jacksonville we call our workouts social hour because we love our crew!

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