Bikini Bootcamp Jax

Bikini BootCAMP JAx is hosted at Down Under Fitness next to Open Road Cycles in the Sun Deli plaza in Jax Beach.  

This is a women’s only, 45 minute, calorie crushing interval style workout. We work all the major muscle groups to tighten and tone your trouble zones. Don’t let the name fool you- it’s called Bootcamp, but we call it social hour! Get an amazing workout that you can actually look forward to! Mon. 7:00pm, Wed. 7:00pm, Sat. 9:00am 

All Bikini Boot Camp classes include optional runs with the group 30 minutes prior to class to warm up and burn extra calories. “Like” our Facebook page to stay updated on run times, special promotions, tips, tricks, motivations, and schedule updates.




Umm… No, we don’t wear bikinis in BBCJ, but there’s no guys anyway so I can’t imagine that’s too dissapointing. Lol

How hard is Bikini Boot Camp Class? Can I come if I’m a beginner?  BBCJ is as challenging as you want it to be  it and can be modified for any level, so, beginners to advanced trainees are welcome!!

What kind of workout is this? Both Bikini Bootcamp in an interval style workouts that use a variety of equipment and body weight to keep your body guessing. The workout changes every class so you won’t get bored!!

What if this is my FIRST class? 1. RSVP online via Facebook or Mindbody Online or call/text Miwa (904) 891-8050. 2. Have a snack an hour or so before class (something with protein and carbs like an apple and almonds). 3. Show up a few minutes early for a little paperwork. 4. Bring a towel, water or two, RELAX! Remember, this workout is supposed to be fun and we will be here to welcome you at the door! =)


Single Class: $15 (First class is FREE)

5 Pack: $60

10 Pack: $100

1 Month Unlimited: $89 for 3 Classes/Week

Sign-up Online



“I absolutely love Bikini Boot Camp! It is hard work, but fun and energizing at the same time! Miwa is an excellent trainer and motivator! She is so personable and knowledgable about everything from exercise to nutrition. I look forward to working out!” -Gen M.

“Miwa is a smart and creative trainer who has th…e ability to make work outs fun. The fact that Miwa pays close attention to form assures you that you’re working the correct muscles without risking the possibility of an injury. Training with Miwa has improved the physical appearance of my body and my overall well being. Her classes are always the bright spot of my day and they are a great stress reliever after a long day of work.” -Erin Smith

“I have been a regular exerciser for many years, working out at the gym, lifting some weights, getting in the cardio and running….sometimes up to 6 days a week. For years, I also attempted to eat healthy (or so I thought). Despite my efforts and dedication, I still had extra body fat that I could not shed. When I got engaged to be married, I desperately wanted to make a change but didn’t know what would get me there. Fortunately, Red Zone Training Studio had just opened in my neighborhood and someone suggested I try Bikini Boot Camp. Within just a few weeks of going to class, I noticed that it was getting easier for me to keep up with the other girls in class. In addition to getting stronger, I was also starting to lose inches. The changes gave me confidence that I would be able to reach my health and fitness goals before my wedding and honeymoon. I stuck with it and I am so thankful that I did. Although I moved away from the beach, I still travel to Red Zone for Bikini Boot Camp three days a week. Thank you to Miwa Kouri Fiore for being my coach, motivator and cheerleader. Also, a special thanks to the other girls in the class for cheering me on the whole way. I can honestly say Bikini Boot Camp has changed my life! It also gave me enough confidence to wear a skimpy bikini on my honeymoon.” I.D.

“I couldn’t be happier with my experience at RedZone. I’ve been training here for about 7 months now and I originally started with the goals that I wanted to get stronger, build more muscle, and get leaner and the progress I’ve mad…e has been more than I could have asked for. I started training with Miwa one on one originally and then started going to the Bikini Boot Camp. Both experiences have been awesome. I’ve not only shed fat and built muscle but I’m stronger, leaner, healthier than I’ve ever been. I’ve never felt better. I’ve dropped 6% body fat, gained lean muscle, and shredded 8.25″ off. Every time I walk in it’s super motivating and I couldn’t be happier!” Sara Hansen

Bikini Bootcamp Jax @ Down Under Fitness: 1021 3rd StREET SOUTH Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Phone: (904) 891-8050


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